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Colours from Nature


In this ongoing series, I process foraged and cultivated plants into ink for drawing/painting purposes. Some of the plants I've worked with are common garden vegetables, some are grown for the purpose of dyeing, and some foraged from recreational or uncultivated spaces. Some of the foraged plants are native species to that area and some are considered invasive.

I started experimenting with making my own dyes/inks from plants when I was living on the west coast, inspired by other local artists who were working with plants and the desire to produce one's own art materials. I test each colour as a fabric dye before reducing it into an ink, which I then test on various surfaces such as cotton rag paper, canvas, and handmade plant fiber papers. The drawings below are done using only these inks, and depict special objects I have collected over years such as stones, feathers, and fossils.

I have since completed a handful of other projects using natural inks and renewable art materials. Some of these projects include Spirals and Plant Profiles, which can both be seen under the tab Painting & Drawing. 

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